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12 September – Know your today's horoscope

12 September – Know your today's horoscope

12  September – Know your todays horoscope

Aries :Your habit of dwelling upon difficulties and magnifying them could weaken your moral fiber. You should refrain from consuming alcohol or any such item today, as you may lose your items in toxic state. A friend may seek your advice to sort out his personal problems. Unnecessary suspicion and doubt spoils the relationship. This is the reason why you must never doubt your beloved, and in case you feel strongly about something that's eating you up, then sit with them and try to find a solution. Keep away from signing any new joint ventures and partnerships. Today, you can plan on going home early as soon as you reach the office. Upon reaching home, you can plan to watch a movie or go to a park with family members. You might struggle in the morning to get ready due to power-cut or something else, but your spouse will come to your rescue.

Taurus : Your sense of humour would help someone to encourage himself to develop this skill as you make him understand that happiness does not lie in possession of thing but is inside of us. A colleague of your office can steal one of your valuable items today. Hence, you need to remain careful and keep your items in check. Family front seems to go smoothly and you can expect full support to your plans. Instant romance could come your way if you go out with friends in the evening. Think twice before you take on any new project. You can find an old item lying in the house today, which can remind you of your childhood days and make you nostalgic. With just little efforts, the day might become the best day of your married life.

Gemini : You are likely to enjoy some sporting activity which will maintain your physical fitness. Your financial state doesn't seem to be favourable today, which is why you'll find it difficult to save money. Auspicious day to start a new family venture. Take the help of other members to make it a great success. Love life will be vibrant. Business partners behave supportive and you work together to complete pending jobs. Avoid getting friendly with people who waste your time. An old friend of yours might come and remind you the old beautiful memories with your spouse.

Cancer : Do some mental exercise by reading something interesting. Be careful not to get roped into dubious financial deals. Friend would be helpful and highly supportive. Romantic memories will occupy your day. Bold steps and decisions would bring favourable rewards. You can waste your free time today on surfing on mobile or watching TV. Seeing this can annoy your spouse, as you will not show any interest in talking to them. Your spouse had never been so awesome. You might get a nice surprise from the love of your life.

Leo : Don't lose your patience especially at the time of crisis. Investment is recommended but seek proper advice. Invitation in a award function of your child would be the source of happiness. You would likely to see your dream coming true as he lives upto your expectations. Your beloved brings you immense romantic pleasure even as work pressure occupies your mind Your hard work will be rewarded as you are likely to get a promotion. Don't think about the monetary gains because in the long run you will be the beneficiary. It is okay to complete every task on time, as it gives you a room for yourself at the end of the day. Procrastinating every now and then only adds to the burden. Suspicion of your partner may grow to a huge fight.

Virgo : Playing with kids would give you a wonderful healing experience. You will like to overspend on others. Devote your spare time in selfless service. It will give happiness and tremendous joy to you and your family. Your work will take a backseat- as you find comfort- pleasure and extreme ecstasy in the arms of your beloved. At work, you might experience a good change. You need to work on your shortcomings, and for this, you should make time for yourself. A personal space is important in married life, but today you will just try to be close to each other. The romance is on fire!

Libra :You should destroy your negative thoughts before they become mental illness. You can get rid of them by involving yourself in some donation and charity work that would give you complete mental satisfaction. Today, investing in land or any property can be fatal for you. Avoid making such decisions as much as possible. If you are planning to have a party then invite your best friends- There will be lot of people who will be cheering you up. Exciting day as you receive gifts/presents from your beloved. Part-time jobs for some. Time is precious, and you need to fully utilize it to attain desired results. However, flexibility in life and spending time with your family is an important aspect as well, which you need to understand. Today, you will realize that your marriage had never been so beautiful.

Scorpio : No need to worry about you health today. People around you will lift your morale and spirits. Today you can easily raise capital- collect outstanding debts- or ask for funds to work on new projects. Good time for entering a matrimonial alliance. Be careful as falling in love could be sacrilege for you today. You might do something really awesome at work today. While fulfilling the needs of the family, you often forget to give yourself a break. But today, you will be able to take out some time for yourself and look for a new hobby. Difference of views might create an argument between you and your partner today.

Sagittarius : Blood pressure patients could take the help of red wine to lower their blood pressure and keep cholesterol under control. It will further relax them. Certain important plans will be executed bringing you fresh financial gains. A day when listening and working on the suggestions of other people will be important. Your energy levels will be high- as your beloved seems to bring you immense happiness. It's time to make those important career changes that you have been thinking for some time. Shopping and other activities will keep you busy most of the day. Today you will know the true ecstasy of being married.

Capricorn : Meditation and self-realization will prove to be beneficial. Your financial life will prosper today. Along with that, you can get rid of your debts or ongoing loans. Visit to a religious place or to a relative seems likely on your cards. Erratic behaviour of your darling ruin romance today. Travelling will bring you new business opportunities. A spiritual leader or an elder provides guidance. Rudeness of your spouse might keep you upset throughout the day.

Aquarius : Your kind nature will bring many happy moments today. You can acquire money from an unknown source today, which will resolve many of your financial troubles. Your ability to impress others will bring rewards. Your dreams and reality will get mixed in the ecstasy of love today. You would make major gains at work. Today, you may get some bad news from your in-laws' side, which can make you sad. As a result, you may spend a lot of time just thinking. It's going to be the most romantic day of your life with your spouse.

Pisces : Your charming behaviour will attract attention. Your efforts to save money can fail today. Although you do not have to worry about it, as the situation will soon improve. You will be in the mood to celebrate and will enjoy spending money on family members and friends. Sky will look brighter, flowers will seem more colorful, everything will shimmer around you; because you are in love! Mental clarity will give you an edge over other competitors in business. You will also be able to clear all your past confusions. In today's busy lifestyle, it gets difficult to find time for yourself. But today is your lucky day, as you will have plenty of time for yourself. Looks like your partner is in a fabulous mood today, all you need is to help him/her in making it the best day of your married life.

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