03 July – Know your today's horoscope

Aries :Health will remain fine despite a busy schedule. Although money is an important element for you, but don't become so sensitive towards it that it spoils your relationships

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Aries :Health will remain fine despite a busy schedule. Although money is an important element for you, but don't become so sensitive towards it that it spoils your relationships. Younger brother or sister may seek your advice. Past happy memories will keep you busy. Opportunities to show your skills will be with you today. Today, you can go to a park or shopping mall with young members of the family. Looks like, you are going to spend a lot of money today with your spouse, but will have a super-awesome time.

Taurus :Outdoor sports will attract you-Meditation and yoga will bring gains. You could find yourself in an exciting new situation-which will also bring you financial gains. Your brother will be more supportive to your needs than you had thought. Love life could be little tough. Good day for recreation and entertainment but if you are working then you need to look carefully at your business dealings. Learn to control your mind, as many a times you lose focus and waste your time. Even today, you can do something like this. Your spouse might feel unimportant today due to your hectic schedule, and he/she might show the displeasure in the evening.

Gemini : Lots will depend on your shoulders and clarity of mind will be important for you to take decisions. Incase you are looking for ways to make little extra money- invest in secure financial schemes. Good day to give some of your time to others. You would spread love pollution today. New assignments undertaken would fall short of expectations. You can plan on enjoying your free time with your closest friends today. If you were feeling cursed since long, this is the day when you will feel blessed.

Cancer : Children would not act to your liking-which would make you frenzy. You should restraint yourself as uncontrolled anger usually hits everyone and the angry person most because it wastes energy and retards judgement faculty. It only makes things more difficult. Monetary transactions will continuously take place throughout the day, and after the end of the day, you will be able to save enough. Someone you trust will not be telling you the whole truth-Your ability to convince others will help you solve coming problems. It's your lucky day in love. Your partner will surprise you with the realization of your long awaited fantasies. You are likely to gain- if you present your ideas well and show your determination and enthusiasm at work. Excessive use of TV or Mobile can result in wastage of time. Your spouse might buy you something really special today.

Leo :Be careful not to neglect yourself when it comes to health matters. You need to accumulate your money and know when and where to spend wisely, otherwise you will have to repent in the coming time. News of arrival of a new family member may enthrall you. Celebrate your joy by throwing a party in anticipation. Your beloved will seem a bit irritated- which will add pressure on your mind. At work, everyone will listen to you today sincerely. Even though you will have ample free time, you won't be able to do anything that can satisfy you. Your plans might get disturbed due to an unexpected guest, but it will make your day.

Virgo : Discomfort may disturb your mental peace but a friend will be immensely helpful to sort out your problems. Listen some soothing music to get rid of tension. Today, you are likely to attain economic benefits due to your children. This will make you very happy. Do not let your friends take advantage of your generous behaviour. Today, you and your love partner will delve into the ocean of love, and will experience the high of love. Friends will heap praises on your as you are able to complete a difficult assignment. You will try to devote your time to your lover, but due to some important work, you will not be able to do the needful. Eyes tell it all, and you are going to have an emotional eye-to-eye talk with your spouse today.

Libra :Your generous attitude would be a blessing in disguise as you are likely to be liberated from many vices like doubt, disloyalty, depression, lack of faith, greed, attachment, egoism, and jealousy. Today, your siblings can ask you for your financial help, but helping them can add to your financial burden. However, the situation will soon improve. You can remain disturbed due to the behavior of any member of the family. You need to talk to them. Your eyes light up with joy and heart beat fast as you meet your dream girl today. This is one of those great days when you will feel good at the workplace. Today, your colleagues will appreciate your work and your boss will also seem to be happy with your progress. Businessmen can also earn profits in business today. Today, some of your friends can come over to your house and spend time with you. However, it won't be good for you to consume toxic substances such as alcohol, cigarettes etc. during this time. Your spouse will do something really special for you today.

Scorpio :Participating in sports and other outdoor activities will help you gather your lost energy. Today, businessmen of this zodiac sign should stay away from the members of their household who ask for your financial help and do not return it later. There will be an important development on your personal front which will bring jubilation for you and your entire family. Your smile is best antidote for your beloved's unhappiness. Your boss might praise your work today. Today, you can get so busy watching a movie on TV or mobile that you will forget to do your important tasks. Today, you will spend the best time of your life with your spouse.

Sagittarius : Today's entertainment should include sports activities and outdoor events. You will have problems hanging on to your money today- You are likely to overspend or misplace your wallet- Some losses due to carelessness are certain. People close to you will create problems at personal level. A surprise message will give you sweet dream. Good day for businessmen. A sudden trip undertaken for business purpose will yield positive results. Those who were very busy for the last few days will finally get to enjoy their own time. Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars, but it's the day when Venus and Mars will melt into each other.

Capricorn :Try to avoid rich and high cholesterol diet. Bank dealing need to be handled very carefully. Give priorities to the needs of family members. Involve yourself to share their joy and sorrow to realize them that you care for them. Your day today will be immersed in the colors of love, but you can argue with your beloved over something old during the night. Female colleagues will be highly supportive and help you in finishing pending jobs. As you like to carry out your favourite activity in free time, you'll think of doing something similar even today. However, you won't be able to fulfil your plan due to an uninvited guest. The day is really romantic. With nice food, fragrances, happiness, you will spend an amazing time with your better-half.

Aquarius :Your health will bloom as you share happy moments with others. But be careful as neglecting it would trouble you later on. People of this zodiac sign who carry out business from abroad are likely to benefit financially today. Unexpected gifts and presents from relatives and friends. Travel will promote romantic connection. Success is definitely yours- if you make crucial changes one step at a time. You have spare time today for socializing and follow up with things that you love doing the most. People around you might do something that will make your life-partner fall for you again.

Pisces : Be careful not to neglect yourself when it comes to health matters. Your unrealistic planning will lead to paucity of funds. Your harsh treatment to children would annoy them. You need to restrain yourself and remember that it would only create a barrier between you. Ecstasy of soulful love will be felt today. Spare some time for it. Get involved in jobs which are of creative nature. Today, you will plan to spend time with your spouse and take them out somewhere, but won't be able to do so due to his/her ill-health. The series of disagreements will take its toll and you will find it very difficult reconcile with your spouse.

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