Hoonf Trust celebrate Holi with Blind people

National Safety Day 2021

Apart from schools many social organisations in Vadodara also celebrate the festival in Eco friendly way and with the people who don’t know much about colours. Hoonf Charitable Trust celebrate the festival of Holi and Dhuleti with blind people inside Kamatibaug with flowers and organic colours.

The trust is working for girl’s education, girl’s empowerment, underprivileged and many more for the last many years. With an aim to bring some happiness on the faces of blind people they celebrate the festival with them with flowers and organic colours.

“We all celebrate Holi and Dhuleti with great enthusiasm but these blind people don’t know about colours and the only colour they know is black. We decide to spread some smiles on their faces as they always kept themselves away from the festival. We celebrate with flowers and organic colours and the smiles on their faces in something picture perfect,” said Nishita Rajput from Hoonf Charitable Trust.


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