National Safety Day 2021

Hoonf Charitable Trust celebrate Diwali with 1000 needy children in Vadodara on Sunday. The aim is to give the children a day of celebration which they somehow deprived of due to the financial condition of their families.

Like every year Gulab Rajput and his daughter Nishita Rajput spend one day with the children including 500 girls at Kamtibaug. They celebrate the day with them by cake cutting and gifted clothes of their choice to them. After that they enjoy the popular toy train ride inside the garden.

“It’s our responsibility to give back to the society and for years we are trying to bring smiles on the faces of such children. We plan the day exclusively for them where they can enjoy with other children like them. We start the celebration by cutting the cake and then distribute clothes to them of their choice. We asked the girls to purchase clothes of their choice and give the bills to us. Later they enjoy the toy train ride inside the garden,” said Nishita Rajput.

The aim is to bring smiles on the faces of the children who don’t enjoy due to the financial condition of their families. We can atleast spend a day with them and bring joy in their lives,” added Gulab Rajput.

Both father daughter duo also pay the fees of the children for the last many years and continue the noble work with the help of donors.


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