Hollywood film producer Chuck Russell will direct film ‘Junglee’ where Vidyut Jamwal will play the character of a worker taking revenge against a veterinary doctor. The film will be a special one as after 1971 release of Rajesh khanna starrer ‘Haathi Mere Saathi’, a film on the same storyline comes again.

Chuck Russell with the hit film ‘Nightmare on Alm Street 3: dream warriors’ made his name as a director. The film was released on 1987 and was the highest grossing independent film at that time. The block buster writer director directed films like Oscar nominated Jim Kerry starrer super comedy ‘The Mask’, Arnold Schwarzenegger action thriller Eraser and Dwayne Jhonson first film Scorpion King. He was also the acting producer of critically acclaimed Michael Man directed criminal series Collateral 2004.

The shooting of the film will start from October and will release in the summer of 2018. Preeti Sahni from Junglee Pictures said, “We went to Chuk telling him about the story setting locally but with a international appeal putting light on the important topic. The story will also put light on the movement to stop hunting and Elephant teeth in United States. He read the story and came to India to meet the writer Ritesh Shah and us and accept our invitation to direct the film. He will come again to India to review the preparations for the shooting to be started from next month”.

Preeti put focus on the fact that Chuck is the perfect person to direct the film as we often see animals in favour in his films like we see the dogs in ‘The Mask’ and camel in ‘The Scorpion King’. She also said that it is surprising to see a American director loves songs and music which is a important part of our entertainment.

The action thriller will be filmed inside the Elephant reserve forest in Kerala. Vidyut Jamwal plays the character who came to Mumbai for his 10th death anniversary and there he meet his elephant friend. The beautiful and amazing location is the important part of the story and in view of the research point of view the hunting started from Kerala and spread to West Bengal, Odisha, kolkatta and reaches Thailand.

She further said that the producers is working along with the animals to make them understand how the elephants reacted towards humans on their natural environment. The story of the film is written all around it.

Preeti said that Vidyut Jamwal is the perfect example of such a thriller just like the director Chuck. All the attention is on Kalaripayattu the Marshal arts originated from Kerala. The thing will probably be seen in the Indian adn western films and Vidyut is trained in the Marshal arts and is the perfect actor for the story.

With Chuck associated with the film the question raised about the film will be translated in English and Preeti said that they plan to make a pure Hindi film but with the association of Chuck it has the calibre of a International standard film and it might be a twin language film in future.

She put a point on the movement running for the last 18 months to save elephants worldwide and the story is inspired with the same story. She said in Kenya where on 30th April 2016 105 ton elephant teeth along with 1.35 tons Rhinoceros horn show loss in 6500 elephants and 450 Rhinoceros remains. The Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyata said that the fire is a statement for the world as for them the teeths are waste till it is on their elephants. This is the story about the happenings around the world.



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