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Holiday with dog

Holiday with dog

In some cases, it can be very nice to take your dog on vacation. For example, a walking holiday, where your dog probably wants to run through nature or a beach holiday where the sea is his or her best friend. But traveling with a pet can also cause a lot of stress for both you and the dog. Several things need to be arranged in advance and at the moment there are also plenty of points for attention. Here are some tips to travel with your dog with confidence. Smart Dog Lover tell you more about pet care.


Some things are important while traveling. First, you must be sure that your dog will enjoy the vacation. Have you ever travelled with your four-legged friend? Then first take a training trip to a destination in your own country. Is this going well? Then you can plan your vacation with your dog! When choosing the holiday destination, take the climate, accommodation, travel time and environment into account.

Be sure to ask yourself these questions when planning a trip:

  • Can the dog handle climate change?
  • Are there pet-friendly holiday accommodations?
  • Is the journey not too long or too stressful?
  • Does the animal like the type of environment you are going to?
  • Are there enough walking places for dogs?

The journey

After you have prepared everything down to the last detail, then finally the day starts when you go on holiday with your four-legged friend. There are also a few things to keep in mind during the trip:

Basket or kennel: this must be comfortable enough for your dog. Make sure that the surface is soft so that he or she can lie comfortably and that the bag or box is large enough so that the animal gets enough movement. Most dogs also enjoy having their pillow or basket in the kennel or bag.

Also bring toys, plenty of water and food. If your dog has a special diet, don't forget to bring enough food for the entire vacation.

When you travel and drive, it is important to stop regularly. Just to be sure, set an alarm clock every few hours so that the dog can stretch its paws and drink water. Only leave your loyal friend on a leash because you don't want him or her to escape along the highway! Does the pet get a little nervous about the trip? Then there are also sprays or herbs for in the basket or kennel that can calm the dog.

Holiday destination

You must know in advance if pets are allowed in the accommodation in which you are staying. Inquire about specific rules and inspect with the dog on arrival whether everything is pet-proof, so he or she will immediately feel at home. Take into account the 'peculiarities' of the pet. Does he or she enjoy practicing the nails on the couch or to put the teeth in everything lose and stuck? Then make sure that they have enough distraction and that property that is not yours is well protected so that no damage is done. Bring toys, but also cover the couch with a sheet or blanket.

It is also important for the climate and nature to be observed at the destination. Find out immediately if there is enough swimming water nearby so that your dog can cool off. Especially dogs with long fur can get warm very quickly. Walking in nature is also wonderful for the animals, but at the end of each day check the fur for plants, ticks, and other insects.

Enjoying the holiday with dog

The relocation went well and the properties in accommodation are safe? Then it's time to enjoy the vacation with your pet. Whether you have chosen a holiday in the countryside, on the coast or in the city, your dog can relax. During a beach vacation, look for animal-friendly beaches where your four-legged friend can roll in the sand and swim in the wonderful water. You can also find nice dog parks in most cities where you can spend a day on the grass while your dog meets new friends. If you have chosen a holiday in the countryside, then your dog can probably enjoy nature as much as you do without too many restrictions.

Other travel tips

  1. In some countries, you can often request (free) meat and bones for the dog and cat from the local supermarket and butcher abroad.
  2. If your dog likes dog biscuits, take it with you. You will not find it easily in every country.
  3. Take a first aid kit with something against ticks and sand flies in it for the dog.
  4. Note that there are many countries where dogs must always be on a lead.

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