Holi joins the list of best seasons for movie releases


Holi is not just regarded as the festival of colors as acelebration of theharvest. It is also considered as the festival of colors for the film industry. Holiis celebrated in March every year. Diwali, Christmas, New Year are some of the festive seasons that are considered the best for the release of new movies. Even some of the biggest stars target for a Diwali release.

Why is Holi not considered by the film fraternity for a film release?

The season of Holi comes accompanied with the season of board exams. The students of classes 10 and 12 get ready to appear on their boards. Due to which, there would be less audience crowd in the theatre as the parents would prefer staying back at home with their kids and helping out with their doubts. This is one huge reason why Holi is never considered by big stars for their film releases. The time taken to commute to the theatres by those who live in the cities is again a factor that needs to be considered.

How has the trend changed?

The trend has now changed. People prefer to watch the movies on the various online streaming. This is one of the many reasons why Holi has joined the bandwagon of the best season for movie releases. Therefore, the time, the movie gets out of the theatres; it gets cast over the streaming websites. Thus, after the exams, the students would prefer chilling by watching the movies. Thus, it is a win-win situation for both the audience and the producer as he is paid a good amount for purchasing the rights of the movie.

Holi, a great deal for the small budget movies and newcomers

The big star movies are always reserved for the festival season like Diwali. Holi is largely preferred by the producers of small budget movies and the cast that comprises of newcomers. If the movie gets good reviews from the theatre, then the producer gets a good deal from the streaming companies. The newcomers get the much-needed popularity as the number of online viewers turns out to be much larger in number than those who turn up at the theatres.

This is a good move as the industry should now be ready to welcome the newcomers with open arms and not just focusing on star kids. Holi is not just a great deal for the Bollywood industry; it is a great deal for the thriving and upcoming regional languages movie industry.



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