Anticipation high fans wait for the epic rivalry on the cricket field

It’s the high voltage match in this year’s World Cup as arch rivals India and Pakistan clash at Manchester on Sunday. Both the teams meet for the 7th time in World Cup history and anticipations are high as the fans wait for the epic rivalry on the cricket field.

The tickets are sold out and with few hours left every eyes are on the high voltage drama between the two countries. As the tournament is moving forward the stakes are high for today’s match as fans are reaching the stadium to witness which could be the most watched cricket match this year.

With all win record India will press ahead with the same aggressive approach in the match and keep their World Cup winning record intact against Pakistan. After beating two strong teams in their opening matches India is riding high but the only concern is about who will fill in the boots of injured Shikhar Dhawan.

On the other side Pakistan will also try to give their best game as its against their arch rivals India and like everytime it will be the high voltage drama for the fans all across the world.

However the rains might play the spoil sport in the match as light showers are predicted during the match. Whatever be the situation the game is going to be one of the best as ever before and fans all the across the world glued to watch every moment of the epic encounter.


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