Fashion enthusiasts get the taste of exclusive collection under one roof

The two days fashion showcase Hi Life exhibition kick starts in Vadodara present the best of fashion, personal style, home décor and luxury products to grab. The exhibition is first in the city and organisers are hoping for more in future.

Starting from 18th the exhibition continues for two days presenting the best in class fashion and other accessories under one roof. Founded by Aby P Dominic the exhibition showcase the finest work by around 150 designers from across India. From bridal wear, designer clothes, jewellery and fashion accessories, home accessories, furnishing concepts, stationery and gifting ideas, tasteful artifacts, décor to Avant Garde Art in the Hi Life exhibition.

For the first time the cultural city Vadodara will witness the popular and grandest fashion showcase Hi Life Exhibition starting from 18th June. Organise by Aby Dominic the exhibition will showcase the best designs in personal style, home décor and luxury products, exclusive showcase in the city of Vadodara.

“Vadodara is known as fashion hub in the western region and hence we chose the city this time. This is the perfect platform for the local designers to interact with the best in industry as they display their best and exclusive designs here. We are hopeful for organising second such exhibition here in Vadodara with local designers also display their work,” said Dominic.


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