Aim to extend help in best possible way to the family

Post pandemic lockdown the number of suicide cases are on the rise and specially the whole family are taking such steps for many reasons. In Vadodara too we saw such cases recently which makes us think about the possible remedies to stop them.

Shree Harsiddhi Education Trust, having our Head Office at Gandhinagar and associated offices at Anand and Vadodara have decided to raise a helping hand to prevent such untoward incidents. Their aim is to extend their help in best possible way to the family in need and help them out from such situations.

They are working on the mission towards Atmahatya Mukt Bharat, Atmahatya Rahit Bharat. They are going to start two helplines 9099123482, 7874471234
operational for 24 hours and will help those families in need.

They said, it’s very sad to know the fate of the Soni family and as a social organisation we can help such families. They will try to know their problems and help them in best possible way. They are going to counsel them and then send their volunteers to reach the spot and first know the genuineness and then help them.

Their first step is to inform the nearest police station and then request them to reach there. Secondly the nearest volunteer will reach there and help the victim as quickly as possible. Presently there are 18 members in their team with four ladies and will involve the family members too for the effort. After Vadodara they will start it in Gandhinagar, Anand and Dahod in future.


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