Helicopter hired for taking guest from Vadodara to Udaipur for marriage ceremony

 When people are keeping low profile marriages due to demonetisation and not spending to much on the ceremonies, here is the story of a marriage where a helicopter is specially booked for taking the people from Vadodara to the marriage ceremony at Udaipur.

The private helicopter landed in Vadodara on Wednesday and flew to Udaipur after a halt here to take the relatives living in the city to the marriage venue at Rajasthan.


People of Vadodara are in surprise when a private helicopter landed inside a party plot at Vasna Bhayli road. The helicopter landed on a specially made Helipad and flew away after carrying the relatives to Rajasthan for a marriage ceremony there. The helicopter is hired specially to take guests and relatives from Vadodara to the marriage venue.

Such a incident happened for the first time in recent past and the local public rushed to the party plot where the helicopter landed on specially made Helipad. The party plot is turned into the landing space for the helicopter where a red carpet is also spread towards the temporary Helipad.


According to the available details the Helicopter is hired from Mumbai by some businessman from Udaipur having business in Vapi. He hired the helicopter for four days to take the guests from Vadodara towards the marriage venue at Udaipur.

The Airports Authority, fire brigade and police team were notified by the event and in view of security reasons a firebrigade vehicle, 108 ambulence and other teams were standby for the helicopter.

84686e4c-1ecf-4d5b-9212-cdf1ac98add8After landing at the temporary Helipad at 8 seater VT CLR Helicopter take off with the guests and flew towards it’s destination. People surrounded the party plot as the helicopter started and flew away leaving behind the cloud of dust.

The Agusta A 119 Koala VT CLR has the fuel capacity of 615 litres and 8 people can sit inside along with two crew members. The helicopter has a extended baggage compartment and many other features.


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