Heavy rains lashed Vadodara gives a much needed respite from heat


Waterlogging at low lying areas

Heavy rains lashed Vadodara on Monday as the city experience some much needed respite from heat and humidity. The monsoon rains poured with force and took the people by surprise but they were seen enjoying it. Low lying areas are waterlogged after the rains and residents are making efforts to clear it.

Meteorological department issues a alert of heavy rains in Gujarat and Vadodara received it somewhere in the afternoon. Since morning the dark clouds spread over the city and in the afternoon lashed the city with heavy rains. Barodians feel the much needed respite from the scorching heat and many were seen enjoying the rain heading towards their destinations.

Low lying areas like Mandvi, Nyaymandir, Waghodia road, Amdavadi pole, Raopura road, Ajwa road, Harni road, Muktanand crossroads all filled with rain waters and open the pre monsoon work of the corporation. People were seen enjoying the rains with cup of tea and hot bhajiyas and pakodas.

Apart from Vadodara city, Dabhoi, Waghodia, Savli, Padra and other areas also received heavy rains give a smile of the faces of farmers.