Heavy rains caused waterlogging and uprooted trees in Vadodara


For the last couple of day’s rains with strong winds striked in Vadodara and the city received more than two inch rainfall with rainwater filled in many low lying areas of the city. Around 20 to 30 trees fell down due to strong winds and open cracks were visible on roads which creates problems for the people.

From Sunday night the thunderstorms started in Vadodara with heavy rainfall and strong winds uprooted the trees in many areas. The heavy rains caused rainwater filled in low lying areas and cracks developed in roads. The one hour heavy downpour on Monday resulting watrelogging in areas like Mandvi, Nyaymandir, Raopura areas of city.

Electricity supply in many areas was affected due to the heavy downpour and people shows their anger towards it. In the jail road area many trees were uprooted due to the strong winds and rain. The trees roots get weak after the corporation work to broaden the road and the trees uprooted in the first rains. The fire brigade get into action and cleared the road in time.



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