National Safety Day 2021

Under the influence of prevailing winds & clear sky conditions over northwest & adjoining central India and approaching western disturbance over western Himalayan region, the maximum and minimum temperatures had risen over some parts of plans of northwest, west & central India and adjoining north peninsular India and are above normal by 46° C.

It has led to the heat wave conditions at a few places over West Rajasthan & Guiarat and at isolated places over West Madhya Pradesh dunng past 24 hours.

The recorded maxrmum temperatures of more than 42.0″ C on yesterday are: Jaisalmer 42.3, Barmer 44.4, Dessa 43.4, Gandhinagar43 2, Ahemdabad -42 8, Baroda 42.7, Surendranagar 43.3, Amreli 43 0, Khargone 42.6, Malegaon 42 2, Akola 43 0 and Chandrapur 43 0.

The weather department has issued warning of Heat wave & temperature Forecast for the next couple of days.
Heat wave conditions very likely to continue over West Rajasthan, Guiarat and West Madhya Pradesh during next 2-3 days. Talking about Baroda the waring of Yellow alert is issued and forecast of the heat might increase in next couple of days.

The GSDMA has issued pamphlets about guidelines for the people about saving themselves from heat. They also requested them not to venture out unnecessarily during afternoon when the heat is severe. They requested the people to drink plenty of water and wear light and lose clothes.


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