Sterling hospital in Vadodara on Wednesday inaugurated Heart Failure Clinic which is first of its kind in Central Gujarat. The center will have councillors, doctors, nurses, dieticians to help heart patients to aware and guide them to fight against the disease and live a healthy life.

Due to conditions caused by serious diseases,which are related to heart disease or heart failure, the patient is often faced with the question of life and death. In such a situation, for the purpose of delivering fast, effective. and efficient treatment to the patient, a dedicated Heart Failure Clinic was inaugurated today at Sterling. Hospital, Vadodara.Heart Failure Clinic in Sterling Hospital VadodaraGroup CEO Rajiv Sharma said that this dedicated Heart Failure Clinic will bring the much needed focus on treating a variety of complex cardiovascular diseases in the entire region of Central Gujarat. Moreover, the advanced technology and facilities being engaged at the Clinic will give the people of Vadodara access to complete cardiac care.

Dr. Kamaldeep Chawla, Heart Failure Clinic team expert said that complex problems related to heart disease are on the rise in Gujarat. As part of such complications related to heart disease, a plethora of problems are included such as breathing troubles due to a weak or expanded heart, and repeated incidences of admission to hospital or ICU due to weak heart.

Other problems like swelling in the foot or breathlessness caused despite heart disease medication due to pacemaker implantation, bypass, or operation of the valves. Moreover, for the treatment of patients who cannot avail of heart surgery due to an over-weakened heart, and other related issues, this latest Heart Failure Clinic is truly a boon.IMG_20170816_104521Other renowned doctors in the Heart Failure Clinic team such as Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Bhatia, Dr. Gaurav Goel and Dr. Neeraj Yadav are offering their valued services. Furthermore, the team of doctors also informed that through a multi-disciplinary approach and team work at this heart clinic, the negative effects such as frequent hospitalization, treatment failure, in patients with extremely critical complications of cardiovascular disease, can be largely removed.

Treatment for those patients, whose heart pumping rate is less than 35 percent. is also possible at this clinic. Due to the effort the people of Vadodara and adjoining areas will be really benefited.


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