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Health workers fasting in covid wards of hospitals in Vadodara

Health workers fasting in covid wards of hospitals in Vadodara

Maintain the balance between worship lord and serve patients

During the last one and a half years of covid crisis, health workers of different religions are fasting in the wards of hospitals and maintain a balance between worship and care of patients.

The holy month of Ramzan is currently underway in which the Muslim brothers fast from early morning till evening without drinking water. The Covid Crisis has shown a hard time that has never been seen before. All health workers from doctors to nurses, para-medical staff and cleaners have been forced to fast fast in government or private hospital wards or covid wards for the last one year while serving the patients. Maintaining faith they shows their devotion towards their duties and deserve a salute.

Speaking of last year, at a time when the patient load has come down a lot, when the Diwali festival came, the administrative nodal officer of covid ward of Sayaji Hospital, Dr. O.B. Belim celebrated Deepotsav with patients decorating the entire ward with lamps. Mataji's Aarti in the evening during Navratri and Garba as part of physiotherapy with the patients were organized in the covid wards in many hospitals. Similarly the followers of Lord Jesus and the devout health workers of other religions have also celebrated their festivals while in the service of patients.

One such health worker working in Gotri Hospital is Dr. Hunaina who is taking care of the health of patients in the Covid ward by keeping Roza for the second year in a row.
He kept fast since childhood and currently in view of the all day duty, he take care to consume food and drink in the early morning to maintain the energy throughout the day. Once in the evening he was on duty during the time to break the fast, but fellow doctors and health workers saved the day. After make sure that the patients were stable, he took 15 minutes to break the fast.

For the second year in a row he keep fast during the Ramzaan. It's very hot at the moment and as they worn the PPE kit for the whole day, it's natural that the thirst is more but by the grace of Allah everything is managed.

Dr. Akmal says that there are dozens of doctors and staff like him in Gotri Hospital. Fellow doctors and medical staff helps them maintain a balance between duties and Roza and everything is managed. If there is a night duty, they take fruits, milk and food items in bags and put them in a safe area during the early morning. With the help of all they manage worship and service to patients.

Dr. Aslam Chauhan is a resident doctor of Sayaji Hospital and is currently on duty at Samaras Hostel covid Hospital. For him this is the second occasion of keeping fast during Ramzaan in covid ward. He says that the treatment of covid patients is as important as the worship of God. Even if you don't get a holiday right now and can't even think about it, following Roza with patient care is the best option.

Some service-oriented Muslim organizations take care of them to send food items to those who are on duty in hospitals and it's become easy for them to observe fast. At present the load of patients is very high but with the help of all everything is managed.

One of the female who works as a head nurse, said, presently she is given duty inside non covid ward in view of fast. However, about 60 patients from two wards have to be taken care of and with the help of co workers she is back on duty after complete her fast.

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