VMSS Health Department continue their checking drive on the make shift tents selling juice in Vadodara and destroyed unhygienic raw materials at the spot. The team also gave schedule four notice to the establishments to maintain proper cleanliness and acquire proper licence from the department.

The health department team conducted search on administrative ward of 2 and 9 on Tuesday and found unhygienic materials like raw fruit, liquid sugar and colors used in juices. The team destroyed kgs of raw fruits directly in contact with ice and kept in open along with unhygienic liquid sugar and colors. Around four notices of schedule 4 were given to the temporary establishments to maintain cleanliness.

In view of summer one can find temporary tents and establishments opens like clusters in Vadodara selling juice of various fruits like mangoes and water melon. However proper hygiene is not followed inside the temporary centers which put the health of the people at risk. The VMSS health department starts drive to check the quality of materials inside such shelters and guide them to maintain proper hygiene there.


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