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What are the amazing effects of playing a sport daily?

Gone are those days when sports were played for winning competitions and as a moment of pride for representing one's nation in the global...

What is the concept of celebrating Yoga Day?

In the busy life of these days, people often forget to take good care of themselves. They neglect their body and mind which leads...

Chhatra Sansad held it’s 4th Yograng Mahotsav

School students, underprivileged kids and patients perform Yoga To spread a strong message in the society Chhatra Sansad held it's 4th Yograng Mahotsav on International...

Prince Ashokaraje Gaekwad school celebrates World Yoga Day and World Music Day

500 students perform yoga, dance and music all at one time It’s a special yoga performance with perfect jugalbandi of classical dance and music all...

Vadodara register its name in record books for performing Suryanamaskar in record time

465 people performed 108 Suryanamaskar in 100 minutes Vadodara city registers its name in the World Book Of Records after 465 people performed 108 Suryanamaskar...

60, 000 followers to join PM Narendra Modi for the 4th Yoga International Day

Yoga is one of the greatest gifts India has given to the world. There are not many fitness activities in the world that rejuvenate...

Dehradun to organize the main event on the Yoga Day

Yoga Day is one of the recent declarations India has made to the world. Though it is a recent declaration, the amount of recognition...

How your kitchen towels can cause food poisoning

The kitchen towels used for multi-purpose tasks can put your households at potential risk, that cause food poisoning The findings showed that the towels used...

Vadodara Mayor accepts fitness challenge post video on social media

Vadodara Mayor Bharat Dangar took the challenge given to him by Rajkot Mayor Dr. Jaimin Upadhyay and complete more then 34 push-ups. The challenge...





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