VMSS health team checking inside tents selling mango juice

Summer is already set in so as the king of fruits mangoes starts arriving in the markets. The heat is also increasing with each...

WAH Expo to make the Vadodara city fit and healthy

In a first of its kind event in Vadodara doctors from more then 15 hospitals will come together at one place to spread awareness...

VMSS health team checking at milk collection and distribution centres

azsmazsdddd x xxOn the instructions of food safety commissioner Gandhinagar the Vadodara safety officers on Thursday checked at the milk centres including Baroda dairy in the...

Health department teams check in mango juice centres in Vadodara

Summer is already set in so as the mangoes which are favorite during this time. One can see various makeshift mango juice outlets open...

World TB Day: Apart from cough, there are also 5 symptoms of Tuberculosis

You may have heard in many advertisements that more than two weeks cough may be TB. Let me tell you that ,not just cough,...

Project Shakti Empowering women with fitness

Taking a initiative for empowering women with fitness a local gym in Vadodara started a project where the female athletes gets free training in...

I CAN, VADODARA CAN – An innovative initiative on World Cancer Day

On this World Cancer Day  Vadodara city will witness a innovative awareness campaign against cancer. All the heritage buildings are lighten up in Pink...

Indians are progressing in terms of fitness and has great potential – Dennis James

When it comes to professional body building we Indians are much behind the professionals in other countries like America. But now the scenario gets...

Paracetamol in pregnancy may damage your daughter’s fertility

As per the recent study, women who consume paracetamol during pregnancy, widely used to reduce a high fever or relieve pain, may increase the risk of damaging the fertility of...






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