HCG The Specialist in Cancer Care launches a “unique and comprehensive cancer care division for children suffering from cancer.”

Childhood cancers or Pediatric cancers were not common until significant cases started being detected lately. The rising numbers have made cancer the 9th common cause of death in children aged between 1~18 years. Statistics show that pediatric cancers form an alarming 5.5% of the total cases in lndia. To approach this mounting health challenge, HCG launches a unique and comprehensive Pediatric Oncology Unit by Rajmata Shrimant Shubhangini Raje Gaekwad.

The survival rate among children is much higher than adults at 70%. They are more receptive to treatment, more tolerant of chemotherapy and have a longer life expectancy. The newly launched division extends all the essential modules of adult therapy like: Chemotherapy, Surgical services and Radiation therapy for all types of childhood cancers.

HCG has developed, customized and optimized chemotherapy procedures and protocol. The experienced and dedicated team consists of a Pediatric Surgeon, Pediatric Oncologist, Pediatric Radiotherapist, Pediatrician, Pediatric Anesthetist and well trained pediatric nursing staff supported by our extended services of a Psycho Oncologist, a Nutritional & Dietary counselor and a Physiotherapist.

Accessibility and affordability are curcial practical aspects of cancer treatment. To create awareness and raise funds for treating needy children with cancer, HCG will also be organizing a Fundraiser Navaratri Night on 1St October 2017 at The Polo Club, Vadodara with renowned folk singer Shri Atul Purohit. The funds thus raised will be utilized to treat economically marginalized pediatric cancer patients.

Adding to this Dr. Bharat Gadhavi Director; HCG Group, Gujarat said “Pediatric cancer is rising and this is the right time to act against it. The comprehensive pediatric oncology unit is manned with experts specially trained to care for pediatric patients. Children have a dynamic developmental physiology that enables better prognosis. Our support services help not only the child but also the family. We urge people to become aware about pediatric cancers and help us fight them!”

Dr. Urvinder Kaur Pediatric Oncologist said “Treating children is different from treating adults. It calls for an in depth understanding of the child and define individual approaches accordingly. The cure rate in a few cancers is more than 90%. We had a heartening live session on facebook. It proved that people are curious to understand this new challenge and face it head on with us. Together we can stand strong against cancer.”



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