Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd The Specialist in Cancer Care, Vadodara has completed it’s one year of fighting cancer and on this occasion, HCG Cancer Centre Vadodara, is extending a “GIFT OF HOPE” to emphasis on early detection.

Under this, one can consult the cancer experts once for free and can also avail diagnostic services like PET CT Scan & cancer prevention health checkup, once at concessional rates, within the this year till 31“ Dec, 17.

3132fb4d-0333-4cd7-9e96-cd37f6d42160The centre has achieved many milestones in terms of helping around 5000 lives putting a strong fight against cancer in a short span of 365 days. The centre has performed 601, major cancer surgeries, 400 radiation treatments, more than 1100 chemotherapies & more than 600 PET CT Scan. HCG, Vadodara has also actively organized various social awareness programs to help people understand and defeat cancer. The centre is continuously evolving to cater the need to defeat cancer, thus soon a Tobacco Cessation Clinic will be launched to help those who would like to quit tobacco.

“With more and more cases of cancer evolving out every month, it is importance to spread the awareness and seek a comprehensive cancer care before it becomes too late. Thus, any symptoms should be taken seriously & consultation with a cancer specialist is a must. Therefor, on occasion of completing one year HCG is encouraging early detection of cancer, by presenting “GIFT OF HOPE” wherein the cancer experts will conduct free consultation on every first & third Saturdays and the centre will offer PET CT Scan & cancer prevention health checkup at concessional rates for the whole year i.e. till 31St Dec, 17,” said Dr. Rajiv Bhatt Director HCG Vadodara.


He also added that their mission is to build a cancer free nation & we intent to accomplish this by adopting latest technology, addressing the main cause of cancer and developing personalized treatment for each patient.

“We have developed protocols that ensures that each case is well evaluated by the team of Cancer specialists and the most appropriate treatment is rendered to the patient that increases the survival rate as well as quality of life. In coming years, we will develop more stringent protocols to fight cancer & commence awareness program that will make society believe that life is greater than cancer. On completing one year we are focusing on early detection of cancer & thus offering “GIFT OF HOPE” wherein our team of cancer experts will conduct free consultation on every First & third Saturdays and the centre will offer PET CT Scan & cancer prevention health checkup at concessional rates for the whole year i.e. till 31“ Dec, 17,” said Bhatt.

Dr. Bharat Gadhavi Regional Director HCG Group, Gujarat said “I would like to thank the city for accepting us wholeheartedly. A year back, It was a challenge for the residents of the City and nearby areas to get expert opinion. But now they have comprehensive cancer centre in their own city which made the early detection possible and hence increasing the survival rate in patients. We are looking for more awareness programmes throughout the year and spread the word in the people that cancer can be defeated.”



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