National Safety Day 2021

To help detect cancer at early stages in rural areas HCG foundation with the help of ONGC Vadodara launched a free cancer screening ambulance service, which will make preliminary cancer awareness and screening accessible to peripheries and villages. The foundation also inaugurates dedicated Pre Cancer Clinic & Head and Neck Cancer Clinic to observe World No Tobacco Day marked every year on 31st May and encourage early diagnosis.

The hospital completes it’s two years in Vadodara and on this ocassion launched the two services for the patients and a step towards a cancer free society.

Arun Kumar Executive Director, ONGC Vadodara launched the ambulance at the premises of the hospital on Monday. The ambulance funded by ONGC, Vadodara will visit peripheries to conduct free cancer screening and awareness drive is need on the hour. HCG is also encouraging early detection of cancer, by presenting Pre Cancer Clinic & Head and Neck Cancer Clinic which will remain open on every Monday and Thursday from 4 to 6 pm. Under this, one can avail head and neck cancer screening for free on every 2nd & 4th Saturday, till 31st July, 18.

Dr. Sachin Wani Consultant Head & Neck Surgical Oncology, HCG Cancer Centre Vadodara, said “The incidences of head & neck cancer are increasing and addiction of tobacco is one of the prime causes for it. Thus, the clinic will surely contribute in detecting the oral and thyroid cancers along with Head & Neck tumors at an early stage which in turn will improve survival rate.”

The center has just completed its two years of helping people fight cancer and have achieved milestones in‘terms of touching more than 14,500 lives giving a strong fight against cancer in a short span of two years. The centre has performed 1608 major cancer surgeries, 1318 radiation treatments, more than 4500 chemotherapies & more than 1900 PET CT Scan. HCG Vadodara has been at the forefront of creating awareness for cancer and thus have organized many social awareness programs to help people understand cancer.


  1. HCG never gives anything for free.they never treat MA yojanna patients properly ,u need a good reference for anything in hcg let it be ma yojanna or cash patient.otherwise they will treat you like dogs.they get many in the name of foundation no charity is been donethe same was done at the time of garba event in the name of hcg founation..Dont be in this misconception that hcg will provide something for free.the worst institute in all aspects.


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