National Safety Day 2021

Cancer Survivors and Cancer Fighters unite to celebrate Uttarayan and inspire each other

HCG Cancer Centre Vadodara celebrate Kite Flying festival on the terrace of its centre. With such event the centre is trying to inculcate the positive feelings in the survivors towards life.

Uttarayan is one of the most awaited festivals in Gujarat and celebrated with great enthusiasm and uniqueness.  Kite Flying is an integral part of this celebration and by flying kites together the centre welcome the Cancer Survivors back into life and inspire the brave fighters in their battle against Cancer. The celebrations was planned in a very safe and secure manner as the thread (Manja) used for this celebration was safer with no harm to people and sensitive birds.

Celebrations have been an important aspect of our lives. They bring in the cheer and optimism in our lives. A positive mindset is also a very vital aspect in the fight against Cancer. Optimism can do wonders and help the patients cope up with the physical and mental pain of Cancer in a better way.  When we have something to look forward to or look ahead to something worth celebrating, we feel more optimistic reveals research led by Hadassah Littman-Ovadia.

Many participants from across the state took part in the event and unite to inspire new hope and to conquer cancer and the skies



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