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HCG Cancer centre Vadodara runs awareness programmes related to cancer

HCG Cancer centre Vadodara runs awareness programmes related to cancer

Organise Health talk on International Women's day this Sunday

"It's sad to see that girls from young age suffering from Breast cancer which we call lifestyle related disease. The contraceptive pills taken by girls without any doctor consultation also is one of the factor for breast cancer in girls," said Dr. Jayeshree Mehta Director Women Wellness and Breast Clinic HCG Cancer centre Vadodara. She said women must be emotionally independent to think about themselves and reduce the risk.

HCG cancer hospital is running various awareness programme in the city related to cancer and tried to remove the myths regarding to the disease and guide them to live a healthy life. As Women's Day is just round the corner the alarming situation of breast cancer among girls and women is a matter of worry. The hospital with its sessions is trying to aware them about thinking of their well being and also organise a programme on the day to spread the word related to breast cancer.

"It's sad to see girls in their early 20's are suffering from breast cancer as they live a complex lifestyle and they need to be emotionally independent to organise their routine. The young generation use contraceptive pills without consulting the doctor is also dangerous as breast cancer is related to hormones and the pills disturb the cells. The women must think about their wellness as they are living a multifaceted life. A healthy women is the sign of healthy family," said Dr. Mehta.

Dr. Rajiv Bhatt director HCG hospital said, cancer patients are increasing and females are at maximum risk rather then males. Breast cancer is on the top of list and as per data 30% of the patients are of young age. The main reason is the lack of awareness and patients most of the time contact the doctors when he or she is already in 3rd or final stage of the disease. Our aim on this Women's day is to spread maximum awareness in them and help them lead a healthy life.

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