Aiming to spread the message of organ donation

HCG Cancer Centre, Vadodara and Spandan Hospital organise the SoleFest 3.0 marathon aiming to spread the message of organ donation. This year also participants run the 5 and 10km half marathon and aware the people about importance of organ donation. Eight women run with Nauvari sarees was the special attraction this year in the third edition of the SoleFest Marathon.

By taking part in the Solefest 3.0 one pledges to donate organs and give a new lease of life to many. The run starts early morning on Sunday with hundreds of runners turned up on city roads for a noble cause. Like every year the participants spread the message through the event with messages written on their t shirts and also through leaflets and placards.

This year a unique concept is attached with the run which was the major attraction for the runners as well as for the supporters. A group of beautiful and empowered women run the mini marathon wearing traditional Nauvari sarees spreading awareness in people mentality towards women runners.

Brain child of Anita Sharma, Mallika Shetty and Nikita Batra the unique concept to run in Nauvari saree is to spread awareness in the women working at home. “When it come to running people commonly draw a picture of athletes running in shorts and t shirts. However we want to spread the thing that it is a mental block everywhere and dress in nothing to do with the cause. Women specially working at home hesitate to come forward due to saree but we want to spread the message that a saree can also help in running a marathon,” said the trio Nikita Batra, Anita Sharma and Mallika Shetty.

Wearing Pink sarees with golden Zari the women are looking perfect above others and in their first run managed to spread the message effectively. At the end the winners are awarded for their efforts to run for a noble cause.

Organ donation is all about gitting life. It is an important decision one chooses to give a life to many. Despite India being a populous country, there is still shortage of people donating their organs. It could be due to lack of knowledge, or understanding. Many die as they do not receive the organ on time. Organ donation is a process of recovering organs. It is of two types-Live Donation and Deceased Donation. A healthy and living person can donate his/her liver or kidney (as the liver can yow back to its normal size and a person can live with one kidney). Deceased donation can take place when a person is declared brain dead.


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