After the murder of dreaded criminal Mukesh Harjani on Thursday night the Vadodara police is searching for the assailants and made several teams for that.

Sources said that the police detained around four persons for questioning who are with Harjani at the time of incident.


On Friday morning the body of Harjani was taken for x ray and then postmortem was completed for further investigation. Dr. Sunil Bhatt and Dr. Jitendra Tanna done the Panel PM on Harjani and handover the body to the family members.

However before half n hour the relatives of Harjani including his elder sister demand to handover the body at the earliest as they said that relatives are arrived at the home for the last rites. They aggressively protest as the PM was getting late and the time was running out.


The doctor said that a total of 6 bullets were fired on Harjani and the fatal one was the one piercing his head. “Total six bullets were fired on Mukesh Harjani’s body and out of them one was stuck on left shoulder and other five bullets pierced the body and exit. The head hit was the fatal one and resulting in his death. Due to the bullet hit on the head Harjani’s left eye was out with the impact. Two and half hours time was there for completing the Post Mortem and we take the X ray as per the standard procedure. We also send blood and Viscera samples for FSL testing,” said Dr. Bhatt forensic doctor.

The FSL team collected the samples from the spot and said that two types of pistol was used in the shooting as they found two types of bullets from the spot. The FSL official said that they found 7.65mm and 9mm bullets from the spot and further investigation.