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Hard hitting Art Installation to promote World No Tobacco Day

Hard hitting Art Installation to promote World No Tobacco Day

On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day, Faith Foundation, Vadodara Railway Station, HCG Cancer Centre and students of Paramarsh have come forward to promote World No Tobacco Day through a hard hitting, contextual and conceptual art installation “Stick to death”. This installation is one of its kind in India to discourage smoking.

Under the art installation “Stick to death” 20 realistic Cigarette sticks created in various sizes between 2 to 9 feet are on display and each cigarette stick is shown burning with a realistic feel and spread the message more effectively. The sticks also have pics of creatures like scorpio, snake and spider to depict danger of smoking.

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"Tobbaco and specially cigarette smoking has been considered as a style statement and a brave act by youngsters. But in reality the cigarette is ending them from inside. The art installation of burning cigarettes will hit the minds of people more effectively and conveys the message in true sense," said Susan Christian co founder of Faith Foundation.

The art Installation has been made using PVC pipes, acrylic colours, metal , acrylic and oil colours and silk threads.

"Railway station is the face of any city. Visitors’ image about the city builds as they get down at railway station. Western Railways at Vadodara aspires to discourage people from smoking. ‘Stick to Death’ art installation will be installed for 2 days at open space outside Platform No 1," A.K. Singh DRM Vadodara.

The installation has been curated by Sachin Kaluskar.

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