Gigi Hadid’s father Mohamed Hadid shared a heartwarming post about her supermodel daughter, saying she is ‘self-made’ and ‘never took a dollar from her parents’.

In a his Instagram post the 72-year-old real estate developer honoured his daughter, revealing that Gigi never took a dollar from her parents.

The $10 million showbiz star – who earned the seventh spot on Forbes’ highest-paid models list in 2018 for her multiple endorsement deals and branded lines – never relied on their parents’ wealth.

But the fans were quick to criticise her ‘privileged’ upbringing as the daughter of a world famous model and wealthy developer.

In his post, Mohamed shed lights on 20 things that fans did not know about Gigi hadid:

  • Self Made.. never took a single Dollar from her parents,’ he wrote in a lengthy caption.
  • Started modeling for Baby Guess when she was in Khai’s age.
  • She was a jr Olympic volleyball contender.’
  • She was an Accomplished equestrian jr Olympic contender and hundreds of first place and national Championships.. still rides till today,’ he added.
  • She was excepted New York University forensic criminal psychology after high school.’
  • She has the highest number of Voguemagazine covers worldwide around fifty ..
  • Unicef USA ambassador and to African Middle East and Southeast Asia. To be continued.’

Gigi Hadid’s fans criticised her ‘privileged’ upbringing as the daughter of a world famous model and wealthy developer, which included a lifestyle that also provided the opportunities to succeed in the industry.


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