Emma Watson was nine when she gained international stardom. Despite busy schedules, she had enrolled herself at an Ivy League, Brown Unversity, at a time when many child actors opt to cancel college, education, while enjoying a lifetime of stardom and a career that makes you one of the richest teenagers.

Emma Watson rose to fame at a time when the craze to read Harry Potter had been at its peak. The actress had brought Hermione Granger to life not just in terms of her acting skills, but also by following what Hermione would have done. In Prisoners of Azkaban, Granger was the character who used to time turner to attend all classes, and Emma Watson was no less.

Author JK Rowling had once shared that she had a special place in her heart for Hermione Granger and rightfully so. She wasn’t just a character who studied for the sake of studying but read all the books to be progressive in the right way.

She discouraged her friends from taking the short cut and while she had a slight bit of jealousy on Harry when he excelled in Defense Against the Dark Arts, she had treated it as a mature human emotion. Hermione was a young girl who gave a brave new look to the face of girls who spend more time in the library and concentrate more on the pages of the books.

The 90s had been a phase in India, when television had become widely colourful and popular, hence not many children turned their attention towards the pages of the books or encyclopedia. It was quite essential to publish a series of books such as Harry Potter, that brings JK Rowling had magically brought back the habit of reading in children and adults too.


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