To keep a strict watch on the crime incidents in the city the police PCR vans equipped with HD CCTV cameras and GPS system will patrol the Vadodara city roads. The initiative is first in the state and the high tech patrolling will stop the crime incidents happening in the city.

With rising population in the city the incidents of crime is also rising and the police is now ready for high-tech patrolling in the city. The patrolling starting from Thursdaywith 40 PCR vans plying on the city roads. ACP V.P. Gamit said that as the city spreads the new police stations are also opening up as per the areas. The police is also taking measures to tackle the crime and stated hi tech patrolling with 40 PCR vans on the road.

He further said that they started one PCR van on experimental basis having the same mechanism installed on it. The PCR will patrol round the clock on city roads of Vadodara. The camera will have auto recording facility and can capture long distance pictures and videos. The vans will proved to help the city police in the incidents of chain snatching, vehicle theft, riots with its capturing capabilities to access the footage later by the police department.

ACP V.P. Gamit further said that in the upcoming festivals of Ganeshotsav, Navratri, Diwali the Hi tech PCR vans will prove to be a great helping hand. Right now one van is transformed into hi tech one and tin the coming days more vans will be equipped with such facilities.


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