Gujarat’s popular singer Santvani Trivedi’s new song “Chhanu Re Chhapnu” hits on social media


Old Gujarati songs are very popular. Our Gujarati songs make people dance to the beat. Every Gujarati song enhances the dignity of our language. People sing our old Gujarati songs in different ways. Then an old song “Chhanu Re Chhapnu” by Santvani Trivedi has been released in a new estimate.

Santvani Trivedi has achieved such great success through Gujarati folk songs. The songs sung by him are getting a very good response from the people. The original lyrics of the song had written by Avinash Vyas. The music of this song composed by Akash Parmar and a song sung by Santvani Trivedi and directed by Dev Patel. Santvani is a famous singer from Gujarat and she has sung many beautiful and popular songs.

You will be able to watch and listen to many Gujarati songs on Santvani’s own YouTube channel. One of her most popular songs, “Vhal No Daryo” was very popular. Her popular songs like “Vhalno Daryo, Raas Ramvane Shyam Jo Aave, Veri Varsad, Rupani Zanzari and Chhaanu Re Chhapnu” are very popular. Rhythm, melody and words give the song a distinct identity. Santwani Trivedi has worked with many artists in Gujarat. It is not easy to rewrite old Gujarati songs with new words and tunes, but Santvani Trivedi can do justice to Gujarati songs very easily and well. Her recently released song “Chhanu Re Chhapnu” is very popular. Gujarati singer Santvani Trivedi has become very popular for expressing Gujarati songs in the hearts of the people in a beautiful way. Santvani Trivedi, who sings folk songs and love songs, is a very good singer. Songs also work as a medicine in a way as people prefer to listen to songs when they are under mental stress.

The popular song “Chhanu Re Chhapnu” has hit Santvani Trivedi’s YouTube channel. Santwani Trivedi, who has achieved success in Gujarati singing, makes the Gujarati language and song more beautiful by expressing Gujarati songs differently. The song shot in Rajpipla.


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