Gujarat is a place which is widely known all over the country for its rich culture, heritage and industrial development. Now, when a state is under development, the whole outcome results for something that counts for the country’s development. Now, the development is accounted for in different ways like cultural, educational, political or industrial. We will be discussing some ways in ways, Gujarat helped in the growth of India.

  1. Political Sector: When we speak of politics from Gujarat what do we think of first?Narendra Modi. Yes, that is the amount of growth Gujarat has made in terms of Politics. They have gained importance for certain aspects and politics has helped shape them into a better form with the passing time i.e. water supply, education etc. 
  1. Business Sector: Gujarat anyway consists of people who have made the Indian Business climb some major stairs with their ideas and developments. The Ambani’s or the Adnani’s have always been on charts for major business successes that they have brought to the whole country. 
  1. Cultural Sector: Gujarat is the hub for different types of handicrafts and textiles. From sarees to room decorations items to sculptures made out of something old, it is all found in Gujarat. A different type of work of art is also found in the village regions of Gujarat that sets the state in vibrant colours. These cultural values are very important for the overall development. 
  1. Industrial Development: While we mention the industrial development it is important to see that the epicentre of earthquakes is now stable and has managed to tackle the earthquakes a lot better than before. They have made advancements in that section for better safety measures and after disaster management measures. Another fact is that the rise in the commodity transport or manufacturing segment has raised some levels in the past few years. The transportation system including the roads, railways and airways have improved many levels which has increased the tourism too. 
  1. Tourism: This segment is widely talked about in and outside the country because of the varieties of places you can visit while you are in Gujarat. You have a combination of mountains and seas, the different mixture of religions and other important monuments to give you the ultimate experience.

These certain attributes have made Gujarat a very important state for the overall growth of the country. Now, these smaller things affect the overall growth on a higher and much intense level i.e. tourism means exposure, industrial development means more business and better economic structure and so on. These factors have made the state the growth engine of the country!



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