After the implementation of Goods and Service Tax (GST) everyone is talking about its effects on the economy and different fractions of the society. Gujarati Film Television and Event Association also raise their protest against the GST and gives a memorandum to the collector on Tuesday in Vadodara.

The members of the association reached the collector offices and shouted slogans against the implementation of GST on the Gujarati film industry. The memorandum states that due to the implementation of the GST on the Gujarati film industry the films will no more get the 100% tax exemption. The tickets of the films also includes tax as now the tickets less then 100 rupees will get 18% and the more then 100rs will be available with 28% GST implementation on it.


The members also said that the viewers rarely came to see Gujarati films and with the implementation of the GST they avoid to see the films. The audience of the rural areas already avoid seeing Gujarati films after the ticket rates increases due to the GST implementation.

The member’s gave a memorandum in this regard to the collector and demand for 100% tax exemption for the Gujarati films to save the film industry. They also threaten to stop all the ongoing projects, shootings and release of the films and protest in Gandhi way.



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