Gujarati actress musical night at Padra attended by people in big numbers


Police filed the case and took further action

A musical party was organized at the farm house in Padra on the occasion of wedding ceremony of the bride. Gujarati film actress Mamta Soni graced the musical night and dance to the bollywood songs with people attended in big numbers. Padra police filed the case as per Corona guideline and took further action.

As per available details, a musical night of Gujarati film actress Mamta Soni was organised inside a farm house on Padra Dabhasa road on the occasion of marriage of the daughter of Farooq Kalubhai Memon, who lives on Padra tower road. It is said that around 400 people joined the night and dance with the Mamta Soni on popular bollywood songs. Some of them also showered currency notes on the actress.

As per the nformation many people who joined the musical party for the wedding at the farm house were without masks. Social distancing was also not maintained as they enjoyed the dance with various songs of the actress.

It is to be noted that government has banned public events following the steep rise in cases of Corona and also fixed the numbers of guests in auspicious and inauspicious occasions including weddings. At that time everyone is shocked about the musical party being organised at the farm house attended by Gujarati film actress.

Padra police reached the spot after came to know about this musical party which lasted till late night. They immediately shut down the musical party and people who joined were shocked to see the police at the venue. Padra police had levied a fine of Rs 15,000 as per the prescribed Rs 1,000 from 15 people who came to the musical party without masks. Along with that they registered the case against the organizer of the musical party, Farooq Memon for violating the notification of Covid guidelines as well as filing an offence under the Disaster Management Act.


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