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Yoga workshop and lecture on "Peace And Harmony Thorough Yoga" organized in NAIR on 7th International Yoga Day

Yoga workshop and lecture on “Peace And Harmony Thorough Yoga” organized in NAIR on 7th International Yoga Day

Yoga workshop and lecture on Peace And Harmony Thorough Yoga organized in NAIR on 7th International Yoga Day

On the occasion of the 7th International Yoga Day 2021, a Yoga Workshop and Lecture on "Peace and Harmony Through Yoga" were organized in National Academy Of Indian Railways (NAIR), Vadodara.

In the first event 'Yogacharya' Dr Sonali Malviya conducted a yogic exercise-'Yogabhyaas'- session for all the faculty members of NAIR, their families and the trainee officers currently undergoing their Group-A foundation course in the Academy. Along with the exercises, she also enlightened the participants about the positive effect that 'yogabhaas' has upon the immune system of the practitioner making him or her better able to fight diseases and infections like the COVID-19 pandemic that has swept across the world.

She instructed the participants how to perform various 'asanaas' like 'bhujangaasan' (the cobra pose) , 'ushtraasan'(the camel pose) and several others. She also instructed and taught the participants the art and science of doing various breathing exercises like pranayamas, 'anulom-vilom' and 'bhrastrika'. This entire programme was conducted in a well ventilated area following all COVID-related protocols like social distancing and wearing masks along with proper sanitization of the premises.

After the workshop, a Lecture on "Peace and Harmony Through Yoga" was organized by the academy in the online mode. The speaker on the occasion was Swami Nikhileshwara Nand Ji ,President, Ramkrishna Mission Ashram Rajkot . The lecture began with a welcome address by the Director General of NAIR, SPS Chauhan. Speaking on the subject, DG/NAIR said that Yoga is a 5000 year old heritage of Indian Knowledge, which is credited to Maharishi Patanjali. Yoga incorporates and represents the entire crux of an ideal lifestyle"

Speaking further on the subject Chauhan said that "the meaning of 'yog' is 'unity'. It originates from the Sanskrit word 'yuj' which means 'to join together'. Thus the ultimate aim of Yoga is the unity of the individual consciousness with the supreme consciousness of the universe. At a practical level, it is a way of balancing the mind and emotions and to bring about a balance between them. It is both a reason and a way towards leading a better life. Yog also joins a human being to nature and reduces mental and physical stress of the practitioner".

Speaking on COVID-19, he said that the pandemic has greatly increased tension in the mind of the common man. This pandemic and the resulting isolation are not only affecting the patient, but also his/her family members. Practice of Yoga helps tackle these issues effectively." DG/NAIR exhorted all present in the lecture to make Yoga a part of their lifestyle and daily routine for a better life.

In his lecture, Swami Nikhileshwara Nand Ji ( President Ramkrishna Mission Ashram Rajkot ) made the distinction between 'yogabhyaas' (exercise) and 'Yoga' (Philosophy) very clear. He said that thinking of yoga as merely another way of remaining physically fit is a big mistake, which is often committed by the layman. Discussing 'Yog' in detail, swamiji talked at length on the different paths of yoga namely:

- Raj Yoga

- Bhakti Yoga

- Karma Yoga

- Gyan Yoga

He also shed light on the different components of 'ashtanga yoga', namely 'yam', 'niyam', 'aasan', 'pranaayam', 'pratyahaar', 'dhaarna', 'dhyaan' and 'samaadhi'. He discussed in detail how with the help of a congruence of the four paths of yoga, a practitioner could achieve the unity of his consciousness with that of the supreme consciousness while discharging all his worldly duties.

In his lecture he also enlightened the audience about the path shown by Swami Vivekananda and his teachings. The lecture lasted for more than 2 hours in which more than 130 officers participated as audience and posed probing and relevant questions to the speaker, which were answered to their satisfaction. Both these programmes in NAIR were convened and coordinated by Senior Professor (Finance) K K Goyal. After the lecture, the vote of thanks was delivered by Officer Trainee Nikita Goyal.

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