Yoga sadhana by Additional Chief District Health Officer of Vadodara

Can do various types of yogasanas with ease

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Yoga sadhana by Additional Chief District Health Officer of Vadodara

In view of Corona epidemic, people on Monday celebrated World Yoga Day by staying at home and practicing yoga. This includes Dr. Uday Tilawat, Additional Chief District Health Officer, who performed Surya Namaskar today, covering ten yoga topics in one asana. One thing to note is that this doctor has the same expertise in yoga as it can do different types of yogasanas very easily.

He regularly does one and a half hours of yoga and other exercises in the morning as far as possible. Previously regularity was not maintained but now has been practicing yoga very regularly since the beginning of the Corona period.

Dr. Tilawat said, he is associated with yoga since his school days and while studying at Baroda Medical College, he started doing systematic yoga in the yoga classes organized by the nearby Maharshi Arvind Society.

Around couple of years ago, a team of Funaba martial arts, popular in the states of North East India, came to Vadodara to train women in self-defense. He also got very good yoga tips from his team leader Ranveer Singh.

Mr. Jadeja, a visionary instructor of physical exercise at Bhavnagar University, started a course in yoga and exercise at the university. He said that you must do yoga not to become a yogi but to stay healthy.

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