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Waghodia BJP MLA Madhu Srivastava put corruption allegations on Baroda Dairy

Waghodia BJP MLA Madhu Srivastava put corruption allegations on Baroda Dairy


The completion of five years of the state government is being celebrated by various community oriented schemes in Gujarat. Madhu Srivastava, BJP MLA from Waghodia, who was present at the Kisan Sanman Day held at Pansoli village in Dabhoi taluka, made a shocking allegation that corruption was rampant in Baroda Dairy. The allegation made by the MLA against Baroda Dairy has caused a stir in the district co-operative sector.

Madhu Srivastava said there was no doubt that the ruling party in Baroda Dairy was committing number one corruption. All elected members are paid monthly. All together in Baroda Dairy are committing tremendous corruption. Since this policy was bad I tried to go to the dairy, but all collectively defeated me.

However, when he was president at Baroda Dairy he saw the interest of cattle keepers, brought the project Narmada Neer. The resolution was also approved and his project was to give all the profits from Narmada Nir to the cattle keepers. The price of milk fat is also not paid properly to the them by the present authorities and frequently milk prices are being raised.

He said about going to make a presentation to the Chief Minister of the state and the Prime Minister of the country on the corruption in Baroda Dairy.

Notably, two days ago, Madhu Srivastava had threatened the officers who did not work in a programme in Padra and now pointing fingers at the administration of Baroda Dairy.

Baroda Dairy President Dinesh Patel (Dinu Mama) said that MLA Madhu Srivastava's allegations of corruption against Baroda Dairy administrators were "baseless". He openly challenge him to prove what he have alleged. People and cattle keepers knows him we'll.

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