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Volunteers of GSPCA and Wildlife SOS caught 5.5. foot crocodile from a construction site in Vadodara

Another crocodile rescued from palace by forest department

Volunteers of GSPCA and Wildlife SOS caught 5.5. foot crocodile from a construction site in Vadodara

Volunteers of Gujarat SPCA and Wildlife SOS rescued a 5.5 foot crocodile from a construction site near Kalali Talsat road in Vadodara. It took around seven hours for the team of ten volunteers to caught the crocodile from the artificial pond and handed over to the forest department.

During this time of the year specially in monsoons, crocodiles strayed inside residential areas, ponds and lakes in and outside Vadodara city. On Monday Gujarat SPCA and Wildlife SOS chief Raj Bhavsar got a call from the construction site near Kalali talsat road about presence of crocodile inside a artificial pound.

Immediately Raj Bhavsar with his team inspected the place and found a crocodile in the pit and began the rescue work. "The crocodile is believed to be 5.5 feet long but the pound was filled with rain water and it's difficult work. We used water pump to fish out water out of the pound and after some time as water level drop we decided to go inside with a big net. Me along with around 10 volunteers enter into the pond but found difficulty as the bottom is ull of mud. But we carry on with the rescue work and after seven hours starting from 10 in the morning managed to caught the crocodile," Said Bhavsar.

The crocodile was safely rescued and later handover to forest department. It will later released in it's natural habitat by the department. The laborers and the builder had a sigh of relief and thanked the GSPCA and wildlife sos team.

In another incident after the information the forest department rescued a crocodile around 8 foot long strayed inside the palace. The crocodile is believed to have come from the Vishwamitri river which flows near the palace. The rescued crocodile was taken to the Forest Department office and later will be released in a safe place.

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