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Valsad builder died during his visit to Swaminarayan temple in Vadodara

Video of the incident goes viral in social media

Valsad builder died during his visit to Swaminarayan temple in Vadodara

A well known builder from Valsad died while visiting the Swaminarayan temple in Vadodara. a well-known builder from Valsad died of a heart attack. A shocking live video of the incident has surfaced which took place in the temple premises. Recently, a middle-aged man in Rajkot died of a heart attack while listening to songs on his mobile phone. A video of his death captured on a mobile phone also surfaced.

As per available details, ccording to information received about the incident at the Swaminarayan temple in Vadodara, Valsad resident and well-known builder Jayanti Khalap came to Vadodara a week ago for work. He had great faith in Lord Swaminarayan and went with a woman to visit the famous Swaminarayan temple in Vadodara. After arriving at the temple, Jayanti bowed his head and prayed to the Lord with both hands. During that time he had a heart attack and died.

As he collapsed, the woman who came with him as well as other devotees were shocked and rushed to him immediately. They tried to take him to the hospital but he died before that. The incident shocked everyone at the time.

The live death video of the incident, which took place a week ago, has gone viral on social media. In this shocking video, the death of Valsad builder Jayantibhai is captured. However no details were avaliable about the Swaminarayan temple in which the incident happened. But the viral video of the incident, which took place in Vadodara, has caused a great deal of controversy.

Notably, a middle-aged man was listening to songs on a mobile phone in Rajkot recently died suddenly of a heart attack. The live video of his death also went viral.

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