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Vaghela is the new president of the Gujarat Youth Cong, appointed 13 new district presidents

A kid of a police constable may ascend to the post of Gujarat Youth Congress president in a democratic party like the Congress

Vaghela is the new president of the Gujarat Youth Cong, appointed 13 new district presidents

Vishwanathsinh Vaghela, 35, was named president of the Gujarat Youth Congress by the Congress on Wednesday.

Vaghela, who has an MSc and a diploma in management, was sworn in by senior Congress leaders Srinivas BV, president of the Indian Youth Congress, Jagdish Thakor, president of the Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC), and Hardik Patel, GPCC working president, at a ceremony held at the Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan in Paldi, Ahmedabad.

"In a democratic and visionary party like Congress, the son of a police constable can rise to the position of Gujarat Youth Congress president. I am thankful to Rahul Gandhi who showed trust in me and we are confident of our victory in the upcoming elections," said Vaghela on the occasion.

Meanwhile, the All India Congress Committee (AICC) has selected presidents of district Congress committees in 13 Gujarat districts.

Umesh Shah represents Chhota Udepur, Atul Kariya represents Porbandar, Jayanti Lal Patel represents Morbi, and Shankerji Thakor represents Patan. Mahendrasinh Parmar will represent Anand, Motibhai Chaudhary will represent Dang, Mohammad Yasin B Gajjan will represent Devbhumi Dwarka, Virendrsinh Jadeja will represent Jamnagar, Amit Patel will represent Junagadh, Rajesh Zala will represent Kheda, Hardik Bhatt will represent Nadiad, Natha Odedara will represent Porbandar, and

Shehzad Khan Pathan was named Leader of Opposition (LOP) in the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation by the Gujarat Congress a day ago (AMC). The appointment was met with opposition, with 11 members of the Congress resigning in protest of his nomination.

Jitu Vaghani, the Gujarat government's spokesperson and a senior minister, responded angrily to the LOP appointment on Wednesday, saying, "It is an internal issue of the Congress party. They can appoint anyone. But Congress has never bothered about people's interest. Since the time of Nehru-Gandhi, Congress has been busy in the management of Shehzada to Shehzad."

Vaghani further accused the Congress of engaging in vote-bank tactics, citing Pathan's suspected illegal role in the Citizenship Amendment Act protests (CAA). According to the minister, the party's leadership has never been concerned about the people and is "more worried about Khan than the party."

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