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Vadodara She Team invited to launch a restaurant in the city

A gesture by the owner to applaud their work

Vadodara She Team invited to launch a restaurant in the city

In order to strengthen the safety of women and children in Vadodara city and to help senior citizens, the quick response SHE TEAM has been formed with utmost sensitivity by the Vadodara City Police. The team make sure that women feel safe in public places as well as to prevent crimes like teasing and sexual harassment.

For the last 8 months, the team is working 24 hours uninterruptedly, for the protection of women / children / senior citizens of Vadodara city. They have successfully implemented many projects such as Project Umeed, Project Khushi, Project Life Helpline with utmost sincerity. The team also saved many women in need as well as reunite families with utmost care and sensitivity.

To applaud their work, a local restaurant owner invited the She-Team of Vadodara city to the inauguration of her new restaurant and also for lunch. The She Team reached the restaurant as part of rally organised from Chakli Circle to the restaurant and also joined by Nodal Officer of She Team and Assistant Commissioner of Police Traffic Branch, AK Vanani, Senior Citizen Cell Police inspector KR Boriyava, as well as Women Police station PI JR Solanki. The inauguration was done by the She Team and were later honoured by the owner. They were later served the hearty lunch at the newly launched restaurant.

"SHE TEAM, an initiative taken by Vadodara's Police Commissioner has been an inspiration for the females of the city. Being a mother, wife, and businesswoman, I am overwhelmed to have my new restaurant inaugurated by SHE TEAM's courageous women. For me, the women of SHE TEAM are the real celebrities who work day and night to make Vadodara a safe city for females, " Said Anal Kotak owner of the restaurant.

The performance of the She Team has been frequently applauded by the people of Vadodara city. And the positive performance of Vadodara city police has been noted through public participation in various functions of the She-Team.

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