Vadodara PCB exposed oil theft scam from ONGC pipeline

Arrested two and declared three as wanted

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Vadodara PCB exposed oil theft scam from ONGC pipeline

Vadodara city PCB has exposed the ongoing scam of stealing oil from ONGC's crude oil pipeline passing through the border of Raipur village in Padra taluka near the city. Police have arrested two persons, including a transport owner, in connection with the oil theft scam and seized Rs 43.15 lakh worth items from the spot. Three accused are declared wanted by the police.

As per details, Amarsinh Rathore (resides at Shreeji Tenement, Gorwa, Vadodara), is notorious for puncturing the ONGC pipeline and stealing crude oil from it. The PCB team recieved information about him once again involved in puncturing the pipeline passed through the border of Raipur village near Vadodara. The crude oil is stolen from the pipeline and brought to Yadav Transport at Ranoli and are emptied into other tankers inside the transport office compound.

Based on the information the PCB team raided at Ranoli-based Yadav Transport and exposed the ONGC's crude oil theft scam. Police seized two tankers filled with crude oil and equipment for refueling from Yadav Transport compound along with other equipments from the spot where the pipeline was punctured. Police seized items worth a total of Rs 43.15 lakh.

Police also arrested Yadav Transport owner Shashikant Dayaram Yadav and tanker driver Hanuman Ranglal Vanzara resident of Rajasthan from the transport compound. While main accused Amarsinh Rathore, Sanjay alias Kalio and Madanlal Laxman Vanzara has been declared wanted by the police. Jawaharnagar police have registered a case in this regard.

According to police, Yadav Transport Director Shashikant Yadav's interrogation revealed that the ONGC pipeline was punctured with a drill and crude oil was stolen from the border of Raipur village near Vadodara and dumped in tankers. And the stolen oil was brought to the compound of Yadav Transport Office at Ranoli. And from there it was emptied into other tankers and sold on the open market.

Police said, Amarsinh Rathore is an expert in the theft of crude oil known as black gold, had earlier been nabbed at Kadi, Anand, Siddhpur, Patan, Jambusar, Rajasthan Kishangarh police stations. His MO is to puctured the pipelines of IOCL and ONGC and stole the crude oil. He has turned two Aiwa trucks into tankers for the theft. The police has informed the FSL and ONGC experts as well as RTO as the accused turned the trucks into tankers.

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