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Vadodara Navrachana University launches Advanced Manufacturing Lab to mark Engineers Day

Vadodara Navrachana University launches Advanced Manufacturing Lab to mark Engineers Day

Vadodara Navrachana University launches Advanced Manufacturing Lab to mark Engineers Day

Celebrating the Engineers' day Navrachana University's School of Engineering and Technology launched its Advanced Manufacturing Lab (AML) which has a state-of-art four joint articulating arm robot. This German make industrial robot enables the students to learn not just robot programming but to appreciate engineering design. The lab is also equipped with a CNC Machine and 3D printer for students to learn about additive manufacturing.

Giving information about the AML Prof. Amarish Badgujar & Prof. Nicky Joshi said that the students as early as second year would get involved in the industrial projects associated with this advanced lab. Industrial projects give students a flavour of the real work engineering practices. Efforts are underway to integrate a CAD system to a CNC along with part inspection using industrial automation to create a computer integrated manufacturing facility."

Navrachana University Provost Nilay Yajnik expressed that engineering must involve different facets of society. "Right from their first year in the institution, the teacher's guide them as their mentors and help them learn the best practices as an engineering students. Today the world is looking at the engineers with an ability to understand the problems in the society and bring solutions to it."

Krish Bhatia, a second year engineering student said, "Over the past few weeks, I have been working on an industrial project in the AML and it has been a very educative experience. Over the course of the project, I learned not only the workings and makings of numerous meteorological and digital components, I also gained experience of what it is like to work in the field I have chosen and the knowledge of the do's and don'ts of the job. Thanks to the expert mentorship, supportive approach and wonderful facilities, i now know knowledge no textbook can ever offer me."

As a part of Engineers Day celebration, engineering students participated in various competitions like car racing event required students to design, manufacture and race their own miniature cars on a specially designed race track. Engineering fundamentals and energy principles were put to use to design the fasters car. In another competition students put their understanding and their learning of aerodynamics to use to design aero-planes for the longest flight distance and the longest air time.

Manish Patel, IT Director-MG Motors and Manish Manek Plant Director M.G. Motors who inaugurated the lab hailed the initiative taken by the Navrachana University for its engineering students and said that students would gain different perspective about engineering through such initiatives. Navrachana University Chairperson Tejal Amin, Provost Nilay Yajnik, Registrar Sandeep Vasant and senior faculty members including remained present during the inauguration ceremony.

Manish Patel said "The current Generation of Engineers is blessed with lots of options and different avenues to choose from. Learning new things is more important to excel in a career. The role of the Engineer is to find the problems and solve the problems, by thinking out of the box. An Engineer should have knowledge of core as well as allied branches."

Echoing his views Manish Manek said electrical vehicle and battery technology is the future in the automotive industry. "It was great to see the progress being made by School of Engineering team on the Advance Manufacturing Lab and the engagement of students early enough for their hands-on exposure. This would go a long way in shaping up their capabilities and also in a way contribute to 'reduce' the gap between the industry requirements and the academic curriculum."

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