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Vadodara LCB caught 18.96 lakhs liquor hidden inside a milk tanker

Caught two and declared three as wanted

Vadodara LCB caught 18.96 lakhs liquor hidden inside a milk tanker

The transportation of milk comes under Essential Service and no one raise doubt on the distribution system. Taking advantage of this bootleggers are now using milk tankers to ferry liquor. Vadodara Local Crime Branch caught one such tanker with liquor worth around 18 lakhs hidden inside. The team arrest two and launched investigation to caught the rest.

As per details, the team of Vadodara District Local Crime Branch on 21st November recieved information about one milk tanker with registration no. GJ-08-Z-5009 carried Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) coming from Indore, Dahod, Godhra and heading towards Anand via Halol, Jarod, Vadodara. Based on that the team kept a watch in front of Hotel Way Wait near Jarod on Halol Vadodara Highway and cordon the truck after it came to sight.

The team caught Omprakash Bishnoi and Ramesh Kumar Bishnoi, both residents of Rajasthan sitting inside the driver cabin. While checking the team found 4740 bottles of IMFL stocked inside 395 boxes worth 18,96,000. A secret door is prepared by cutting the sheet of the tanker and boxes were hidden inside. While interrogation the two named one Jitendra Thakor from Sachor Rajasthan for loading the liquor from Narnol in Haryana. Jitendra was in touch with WhatsApp calling, was giving guidance to the driver. When they reached Anand, he had to tell where to deliver.

Police arrest two under prohibition act and declared tanker owner, Jitendra Thakar, who sent the liquor and unknown person from Anand, who ordered the liquor.

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