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Vadodara crime branch arrested four involved in robbery at Vallabh Jewellers in Khodiyar Nagar

Vadodara crime branch arrested four involved in robbery at Vallabh Jewellers in Khodiyar Nagar

The Vadodara crime branch has arrested two robbers and their two accomplices from the Golden crossing involved in robbery at Vallabh Jewellers in Khodiyar Nagar area of the city. On the afternoon of July 14, the owner of Vallabh Jewellers was robbed of 3 gold chains of 30 grams worth Rs 1.40 lakh. The ringleader of the gang had planned the robbery after seeing the story of at robbery at the jewellers on Instagram. The crime branch has seized Rs 2 lakh, including the looted jewellery.

The robbery took place at Vallabh Jewellers, located at Shreeji Plaza Apartments in Khodiyarnagar area within the limits of Bapod police station in the city. Around 12-30 pm on Wednesday, Ronak Maheshbhai Soni, owner of the shop was showing a gold chain to a customer. Meanwhile, a man suddenly rushed into the shop and before the shop owner could understand anything, he put a pepper spray in his eye and looted three chains of gold weighing about 30 grams placed on display and fled on the motorcycle of his accomplice parked outside the shop. Bapod police had registered a case against an unidentified robber for robbing three gold chains worth Rs 1,39,806.

The robbery took place at a jewellery showroom was captured in the CCTV installed there. On the other hand, the incident was reported to Bapod police station and D.C.P Zone 2 Lakhdhirsinh Jhala along with the staff rushed to the spot. D.C.P. Zone-2 Lakhdhirsinh Zala had blocked all the main roads leading out of the and also alerted the police. At the same time the case was handed over to the Crime Branch and they started investigation to trace the accused.

Meanwhile, crime branch P.I. A.B. Jadeja as well as the staff AHC Amulbhai Ramabhai and AHC Sanjaybhai Gandalal caught four persons in suspicious condition on the way from Ahmedabad to Surat near Golden Crossing. The team found three gold chains from their possession during the search and upon further interrogation by the police, they confessed about carried out a robbery from Khodiyar Nagar Vallabh Jewelers. Meanwhile, the gang was brought to the police station and interrogated.

Giving details of resolving the case in matter of hours Crime Branch PI A.B. Jadeja said, the crime branch team was alerted after the robbery. As a result, Prinkesh Naginbhai Parmar the main conspirator, Akshit Manojsinh Chavda, Mayank Jiteshbhai Parmar and Kaustuk Rajubhai Kinekar was successfully arrested from Golden crossing before the robber gang left Vadodara. A total of Rs 2,28,800 was recovered from the gang including three gold chains, four mobile phones and two motorcycles from them.

He further said that Prinkesh Parmar, the ringleader of the robbery gang, had seen the story of the robbery at the jewelers' shop on Instagram. Seeing this story, he carried out the robbery with the help of his three other accomplices. Prinkesh Parmar was standing outside the shop and Kaustuk Kinekar went inside the shop in guise of customer and fled with three gold chains after sprayed pepper inside the owner's eye. Akshit Chavda took Prinkesh Parmar on his Pulsar bike to the shop and Mayank Parmar took Kaustubh Kinekar on his Passion Pro bike to the shop and standing near the shop played the role of keeping an eye on anyone coming.

Bapod police have registered a case against the gang involved in robbery inside the jeweller's shop. The Crime Branch, on the other hand, has conducted further inquiries into whether the gang had committed any crime, including robbery, at any place in the past. Police are also seeking their remand to get other details from the gang.

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