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Vadodara Congress made allegations of corruption in Awas Yojna

Mayor says nothing new, just allegations, never prove anything

Vadodara Congress made allegations of corruption in Awas Yojna

Vadodara City Congress has made representation to the mayor on issues delay in allotment of accommodation and rent to the beneficiaries, allegations of corruption by the Vadodara Municipal Corporation in the construction over land under Awas Yojna. However the mayor termed it as just allegations and shows the negative mentality of Congress party.

On Wednesday Congress made representation to mayor Keyur Rokadia regarding irregularities in Awas schemes in Vadodara. They put allegations of corruption in the name the scheme and the beneficiaries are being cheated.

"Since the start of the housing project on PPP model, the party has repeatedly raised issues such as irregularities, wrongful construction corruption as well as delays in construction and non-payment of rent to the beneficiaries. The projects at different areas in the city are stuck and not even started despite the time limit. Illegal construction, no rent to beneficiaries, corruption in allotment of land and other issues are there which needs to be address, " Said Ami Ravat leader of opposition.

However Mayor termed this as allegations and nothing new of the Congress. "They always comes with big statistics with allegations but never prove anything. It shows the negative mentality of Congress as we as a party believe in working for the benefit of people, " Said Keyur Rokadia.

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