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Unique approach of primary school teacher to welcome the students getting admission in school

Gave saplings of fruit bearing trees to children, encourages people of the colony to get vaccinated and takes care of education by personally contacting the children without mobiles

Unique approach of primary school teacher to welcome the students getting admission in school

A teacher is one who always thinks about education and put efforts for school development and upliftment of children. Jaya Parmar, a teacher of Navi Vasahat Primary School in Gopalpura village of Dabhoi taluka, is one such teacher perfectly fits in the above lines.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, warmly welcomed the students who get admission in the primary schools of the state every year and establishing the tradition of making their school entrance an occasion of celebration and joy.

However this year as school admission could not be held due to Corona's restrictions, Jaya Parmar came up with a unique idea to welcome the students. For its implementation, she approached the School Management Committee and with the help and encouragement of Simlia Beat CRC, brought Chiku and Gooseberry seedlings from the nursery.

Then she went to the house of every child who has taken admission in the first standard and welcomed them by giving them the seedlings. Not only that, she explained to the parents to planted it in the presence of the child and requested to raise it carefully.

She said that the education department has given the slogan that schools are closed but not the education. To make it meaningful and to welcome children's school entry, she tried to inculcate in the children the sacrament that trees are important to keep the air of the atmosphere clean.

The Navi Vasahat is mostly inhabited by tribal families, so the message that the children's school has started has also been given from this effort. She also encouraging parents to get vaccinated by explaining it's importance against corona.

She said that even though the school is closed, the parents of the children who have advanced mobiles can motivate their children to get education through virtual class as well as those who have a TV at home. Educational broadcasts from DD Girnar are regularly shown to the children.

Children whose don't have mobiles at homes or who have a simple mobile are being taken care of in their education through personal contact.

Along with this, the education department has made available the Gyansetu book. The previous education is being rehearsed so that the children do not forget to learn with its help.

Experimentation should be in the blood of the teacher. Continuing the teaching work in a closed school is a challenge. Numerous teacher friends of the state like Jaya Parmar are doing various experiments and endeavors with determination to keep the river of education flowing continuously. The devotion of this entire teaching community deserves a salute.

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