Two junior resident doctors suspended in the ragging incident at Gotri hospital in Vadodara

Committee will give report to police for further action

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Two junior resident doctors suspended in the ragging incident at Gotri hospital in Vadodara

Anti ragging committee of Gotri Medical college in Vadodara dismissed two junior resident doctors after they were found involved in ragging incident happened with 2nd year students. The committee also take action against the ex students under whose behest the third year students make 60 students of Second year to do 100 situps. Gorwa police inspector was also called in the meeting held on Monday.

As per details given by the dean, there was some issues between the second and third year students and as a result on Saturday around 4.30 am in the morning the third year students called and took the second year students outside the hostel and make them to do situps. Three ex students, two junior resident doctors and one more ex student was present there. They were saying that the second year students are not giving them respect and hence they want to teach them the lesson.

The anti ragging committee was called to get to know the incident and they came to know that one the behest of ex students the 3rd year students done it and as part of action they suspended two junior resident doctors for their involvement and stop entry of ex students. They also took in written from the 3rd year students about the incident and action will be taken against the responsible.

The dean further added that they also called the Gorwa Police Inspector to the meeting and will report the matter to him about the entry of outsiders inside the hostel, which in not tolerated. The security will also be tightened with strict instructions not to allowed anyone outside during night.

Due to the trauma one was admitted on Saturday and later shifted to private hospital as urge by his parents. Other two are under treatment at medicine department.

Police is waiting for the committee report and will take further action in the matter. PI of Gorwa police station Rajesh Kanmiya said a meeting was held at Gotri Medical College on the ragging issue. Action will be taken after the report of the Anti-Ranging Committee is received. Police assistance has been sought to ensure that no disturbances occur during the ongoing investigation by the committee. Statements of relatives have been taken in this regard.

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