Two brothers drowned inside Narmada canal passing Sherkhi Bhimpura Chokdi near Vadodara city

One of them was rescued

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Two brothers drowned inside Narmada canal passing Sherkhi Bhimpura Chokdi near Vadodara city

Two of the three youths, who were on their way home from work drowned in the Narmada Canal near Sherkhi Bhimpura Chokdi near Vadodara city. The third one was rescued. A team of fire brigade recovered the bodies of two brothers who went missing in the flowing water of the canal and handed them over to the police. The taluka police have taken action regarding the incident. The two brothers were working on the Express Highway being built by L&T.

As per available details, the Narmada Canal passes through Sherkhi and Bhimpura villages of Vadodara taluka. Work of Express Highway is being carried on by L&T Company near this canal. Ajay Bhoita (age 30) and his younger brother Vinod Bhoita (age 28) from Jharkhand were working as laborers in the road construction work. Late in the evening, the two brothers and a young friend named Sarju, who was working with them, were on their way home from work.

Meanwhile, reaching near the canal at Bhimpura near Sherkhi Chokdi, they went inside to had bath in Narmada Canal. Ajay Bhoita and Vinod Bhoita, both brothers began to drown and their friend Sarju jumped into the canal to save them. However he also began to drown and shouted for help. Meanwhile a middle-aged man standing nearby came running with a rope and a bucket and threw inside the canal. Sarju grabbed it and saved himself but both the brothers disappeared in the water.

The incident was reported to the fire brigade and taluka police and both teams rushed to the spot. This morning the fire brigade's rescue team conducted a search in the canal and recovered both the bodies. The possession of the bodies of two youths was handed over to the taluka police. Police have registered a case of accidental death and initiated legal action.

The drowning of two brothers in the Narmada Canal at the same time caused grief among the laborers.

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