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Transformation of primary schools of Vadodara district

Renovation of an entire school and construction of 32 rooms, 58 schools have been made more convenient through necessary repairs

Transformation of primary schools of Vadodara district

As part of the celebration of five years of Gujarat government, Gyan Shakti Day is to be celebrated in Vadodara city and district on Sunday. The state government has given priority to increase facilities in primary schools.

Following this, District Primary Education Officer Archana Chaudhary said that last year one school in the district was rebuilt and 32 new rooms have been constructed in the primary schools.

A total of 119 toilets have been constructed in primary schools for maintaining hygiene and child health, including 28 for girls, 21 for boys and 70 for disabled children.

In addition, 58 schools have been repaired to make them more convenient and safe. While 5 new sheds have been constructed for mid-day meal scheme and necessary repairs of existing 51 sheds have been done.

While in two phases under Gyankunj project 140 schools have been equipped with technologically advanced facilities of education.

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