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Telangana autorickshaw driver's son rides into IIM Ahmedabad

His is a story of willpower and hard work

Telangana autorickshaw drivers son rides into IIM Ahmedabad

When Laxmikanth Reddy's father dropped off children in his autorickshaw to a convent school, he nursed a dream his son too gets convent educated and makes it big in the corporate world.

Not only did Reddy get admission in a convent school, he also secured admission in IIM Ahmedabad for a PGPX course where he commenced studies from Thursday.

His is a story of willpower and hard work. Laxmi, as he's fondly called, never got lucky with money, but Goddess Saraswati blessed him always.

A native of Godavarikhani in Telangana, Reddy comes from a family of farmers. But as farming became unpredictable, his father took up driving auto rickshaw, which he continued for decades. He left it due to paralysis few years ago.

Reddy got placed with a firm for software development in Hyderabad. In 2019, he launched a startup with friends to promote terrace garden and farming. But Covid had other plans.

Reddy says once he completes his PGPX in 2023, his priority would be to buy his parents a house.

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